The public school for architecture

educational platform, 2014

City3 is partner in the public school for architecture brussels, a framework that supports autodidactic activity. the public school for architecture brussels offers the opportunity to negotiate public space beyond the limits of current architectural practices and provides a means for the general public to access an architectural culture that is typically out of reach. the school’s mission is to create a new public for architecture while opening up architecture for the public.

The public school is a school with no curriculum. It is a framework that operates under the assumption that everything is in everything. As an educational model, the public school does not apply to a traditional set of values related to success and failure. Participation in the public school requires a commitment to process.
The public school for architecture brussels was initiated in brussels in 2014 by common room in collaboration with telic arts exchange and recyclart, with support from ku leuven faculty of architecture campus sint lucas and city3. The public school for architecture brussels engages the specific context of the city of brussels in relation to the broader public school network by establishing a framework for an open engagement in the discipline of architecture (and beyond).
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