Poincaré Conjecture

Temporary activation, 2019

Poincaré Conjecture is a theorem by the 19th century French mathematician Jules Henri Poincaré about the generalization of the 2-dimensional-sphere to higher dimensions. With the theorem as a metaphor, in spring 2019, City3 follows an empowering process together with local organizations involved in Ondesenne, a project of temporary activation and participation at the median strip of the Boulevard Poincaré in Brussels. City3 initiates 5 public events, each on a different theme, during which local inhabitants or associations who co-organize the events are teamed up with experienced organizations providing expertise, knowhow and network. Through the iterative process taking place, the temporary local project is connected to urban planning developments at a larger scale, while the local actors are enpowered to further weigh on the future spatial developments in their neighborhood and city.

Poincaré Conjecture is organized with support by the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie