Mediating [Infra]Structures

talks, workshops, 2015

Mediating [Infra]Structures is a series of talks, debates and workshops that investigates if the proclaimed disappearance of the public sphere can be reassembled in contemporary shared spaces like shopping centers, mass transport hubs and cultural centers. All conceived or popularized in the second half of the 20th century. these spaces are neither completely public nor entirely private, but all possess ‘mediating’ qualities. In these spaces the distinctions between the public and the private, consumption and production and the individual and the collective are blurred. As such, they contain the capacity to present a common ground for contemporary society.

By taking place ‘in situ’ in representative shared spaces in and around Brussels, Mediating [Infra]Structures invites a wide audience to experience these spaces in an original manner and to participate in the reflexion and debate on the topic of how the public domain in our contemporary society should be conceived and designed. Through three public talk and debate events, each expanded on by a series of workshops and classes in the framework of the public school for architecture brussels, Mediating [Infra]Structures creates a collective exercise in reimagining our contemporary shared spaces as mediators of a new public realm but in itself also becomes an experiment in reassembling our shared spaces.
Mediating [Infra]Structures is a joint project by common roomJanina Gosseye and City3 in collaboration with the public school for architecture brussels. 
With the support of The Arts and Heritage Agency of the Flemish CommunityKU Leuven Faculty of Architecture Campus Sint Lucas and TU Delft Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment.