(L)OST in PeriFeria

Creative group walks, 2018

Together with the multidisciplinary collective OST Oiseaux Sans Tête, City3 invites you on a series of creative group walks that make you discover the surprising landscapes of the Brussels fringe characterized by its striking contrasts, unexpected crossovers and cement beauty. In the way the naturalists did in the 19th century, you are equiped with an observation and exploration kit. Wildlife, waterways, highway ramps, forgotten infrastructures : as an explorer you are drawn and immersed into the periphery, in the subjectivity of the moment. Audio-visual interventions guide you through these ignored territories.

Upcoming :

[L]OST in PeriFeria – Exploration #5

Saturday 24 November 2018

Creative group walk periphery between Heizel and Bever

(L)OST in PeriFeria is a coproduction by OST Collective and City3 with support by the Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest / Région Bruxelles Capitale

Participants: Benoit Lorent, Julie Guiches, Frédérique Franke, Jorg De Vriese